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  Shadow play, also called light shadow play, is one ofthe oldest operas in China. Actors sing along withmusic, and control shadow tools at the sametime.The contents of those plays are more abouttraditional historical drama and fable stories.Shadow play combines some characters of drama, music and paintings,and is an integration ofliterary writing, handicraftsmen's carving and painting,and folk singing.It's delightful,abundant,suiting both refined and popular tastes,and contains rich culture and artresources.In ancient times, it brought people pleasure as modem movies and TVs do. Inmodern society, it's very difficult to find the mysterious drama again. Shadow play is atreasure in the world culture and art circles.


  皮影戏(shadow play)也叫灯影戏(light shadow play),是中国最古老的戏剧之一。演员们伴随音乐歌唱,同时控制皮影。这些戏的内容以传统历史剧和寓言故事居多。皮影戏融合了戏剧、音乐和绘画的一些特点,是文学写作、工匠雕刻和绘画以及民间歌唱的融合体。它使人愉快、内容丰富、雅俗共赏,且具有丰富的文化内涵和艺术源泉。古时候,皮影戏像现代电影和电视一样带给人们快乐。现代社会很难再见到这个神秘的剧种。皮影戏是世界文化和艺术界的瑰宝。


  White spirit,as a special form of Chinese culture,has a history of more than 5,000 years. According tothe book The Spring and Autumn in the Cup by LinChao,white spirit drinking is something of learningrather than eating and drinking. There are manystories about white spirit in Chinese history. The great poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty could“write 100 poems after drinking white spirit”,and the more white spirit he drank, the better hispoem would be. White spirit plays an extremely important role in Chinese folk custom. Spiritsare used to celebrate different festivals,wedding ceremonies and birthday parties,tomemorize the departed,to welcome and send off relatives and friends, to congratulate thegood news and to get rid of anxiety,to cure diseases and prolong life,both for emperors andordinary people.


  在中国,酒(white spirit)作为一种特殊的文化形式,有着5000多年的历史。确 超所著的《杯里春秋》(The Springand Autumn in the Cup)—书认为,喝酒有点像学问,而不是大吃大喝。中国历史上有很多关于酒的故事。唐代伟大诗人李白可以“斗酒诗百篇”,喝得越多,他的诗就作得越好。在中国民俗中,酒有着极其重要的地位。不论是君王还是平民,都用烈酒(spirit)庆祝各个节日、婚礼、生日聚会, 纪念逝者,为亲友接风或送行,庆贺好消息,摆脱焦虑和治疗疾病以求长寿。


  Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art. Fromthe magnificent dragon robes worn by emperors totoday's fashions, embroidery adds a great deal ofpleasure to our culture and life. The oldestembroidery on record in China dates from theShang Dynasty. Embroidery in this period symbolized social status. As the national economydeveloped, embroidery entered the life of the common people.Embroideiy was an elegant taskfor ladies who were forbidden to go out of their homes. Imagine a beautiful young ladyembroidering at home:stitch by stitch, she ;embroiders a pair of mandarin ducks for her lover.It is a cold winter day and the room is filled with sweet smell. What a touching and beautifulpicture!


  刺绣(embroidery)是中国艺术中一颗璀燦的明珠。从华丽的龙袍到今日的时装,刺绣为我们的文化和北京赛车pk10开奖直播增添了许多乐趣。中国记载的最古老的刺绣可追溯至商朝。在当时,刺绣象征着社会地位。随着国民经济的发展,刺绣走进普通人的北京赛车pk10开奖直播。对于足不出户的女子来说,刺绣是一种优雅的工作。想象一下,一位美丽的年轻女子在家刺绣:一针一线,她为爱人绣一对鸳鸯(mandarin duck)。寒冷的冬日,屋子里充满香气。多么美丽动人的画面啊!







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